3 Things That Could Be Increasing Your Monthly Energy Bill

3 Things That Could Be Increasing Your Monthly Energy Bill

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you’ll get a monthly utility bill. Like many of the other bills that you’ll be expected to pay, you may be dreading having more money come out of your pocket to cover this one. However, there are ways you can lower your energy bill if you find out what exactly is causing it to so high.

Here are three things that could be increasing your monthly energy bill.


One of the many things that could be raising your energy bill is the lighting in your home. You need to light to see, but you don’t need to have the lights on all day every day. You’ll of course need to turn the lights on at a night, but rather than turning the lights on during the day, take advantage of natural light. You should be able to see everything you need to and you won’t have to worry about your energy bill being too high.

Cooling & heating

During the winter you need the heat to keep warm, and during the summer the air conditioning will keep you cool. The problem with using your heating and cooling is that your energy bill can be higher than expected. This can sometimes be because you are running your HVAC system for longer than necessary, but a broken system that is running inefficiently can also be the cause.


Most homes will have a lot of appliances that use electricity. From the blender you use for your smoothies to the oven you use to prepare your Nutrisystem meals or holiday feasts, energy is needed to make them work. What you have to look out for are the appliances that you don’t use on a regular basis. If they are plugged in, they will be using electricity, whether they are in use or simply sitting on the kitchen counter.

Your energy bill is just one of bills that just has to be paid no matter how much it is. However, paying a bill that is expensive and way more than you expected may seem unfair. If you make a few changes and check out a few things, you might be able to get your bill to a more reasonable, affordable amount.

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