4 Fun Ways To Recycle Old Tires

4 Fun Ways To Recycle Old Tires

4 Fun Ways To Recycle Old TiresReplacing tires on your vehicle can leave you with a pile of old tires. Old tired laying around can be recycled into fun, functional items for your home and yard. Many times, you will be able to get old tires that are no longer usable for free. People would rather give them away than pay a disposal fee.


1. Tire Swings


Old tires can be recycled into swings that can give a child hours of fun. You can make the tire swing as simple or elaborate as you would like. For a simple tire swing, secure a rope through the center of the tire, and hand from a high tree branch. Make sure the tire hangs far enough away from the main tree trunk that the child will not swing into the trunk, injuring themselves. An alternate version of the tire swing, uses 3 toggle bolts placed equal distance apart around the side of the tire. Attach a 3 foot long chain to each toggle bolt, and bolt all 3 together at the top with a longer chain to hang. When replacing tires on your vehicle, you should use a tire size calculator to ensure you get the correct size.


2. Planters


Old tires can be recycled into fashionable planters. Paint the tires bright colors, and group them together for a stunning effect. Fill the centers with potting soil, and add your favorite flowers. You can paint the tires as is, or you can cut a “V” pattern around the edge for a different effect. You can paint the tires, hang them on the side of a garage or garden wall, fill the bottom half with potting soil and use as a planter for short flowers.


3. Outdoor furniture


Cut old tires into strips and use as strips to refurbish old aluminum lawn chairs. Attach the strips to the front of chair seat, run under the back bar, and up to the top of the back of the chair. Attach the other end at the top. Cover the entire chair in this manner, leaving a 1 inch space between each strip. Beginning at one edge of chair seat, weave strips through the vertical strips and attach at each end. This makes a comfortable, sturdy seat.


4. Child’s Climbing Wall


A child’s climbing wall can be made from recycled tires. Cut a rectangle out of a tire. Slip another tire into the slot and attach on each side with large brads. Continue in this manner until you have the width and height desired. Attach sides to poles that are cemented into the ground.

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