4 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green While Staying “Green”

4 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green While Staying “Green”

One of the most common places children play during the summer months is in their home lawns. Yet, the majority of those lawns are saturated with the chemicals of commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Make a more environmentally friendly choice and give your children a safer place to play by discovering these ways to keep your lawn green while also staying green.

Collect Rain Water

One of the most expensive aspects of maintaining a lush lawn is watering the grass. Reduce this expense by collecting rain water rather than saturating the lawn with faucet water. The main items needed to collect rain water are large, lidded barrels, faucet attachments and flexible downspout attachments.

Cut a hole in the side of each barrel just large enough to hold the faucet attachment. Glue the faucet properly in place and allow it to dry. Cut an additional hole in the top of each barrel lid just large enough to securely hold the end of the downspout attachment. Fix the attachment into the hole and wait for the rain to fall. A hose can then be screwed into the faucet attachment and used just as you would when watering the lawn from a house water faucet.

Fertilize with Kitchen Waste

Commercial fertilizers are expensive and aren’t exactly good for the environment. Additionally, most fertilizers do more than just fertilize your lawn. They also include chemicals that kill insects, weeds and plant diseases. Of common lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer, 21 with reproductive effects, 13 with birth effects and the list of dangers continues from there.

Fertilize your lawn the natural and safe way by transforming your kitchen and household waste into compost. Everything from vegetable scraps to shredded cardboard boxes can be turned into compost that your grass will love.

Aerate the Grass

Grass plants require air and water at their roots to remain healthy. To stimulate maximum air and water circulation at your lawn’s grass roots, aerate the lawn using either a garden fork or a spiking tool designed specifically for lawns.  A good practice is to aerate the lawn each spring and again each autumn. Also, rake the lawn annually to remove any dead grass and leaves to increase the lawn’s aeration.

Mow Often

Mowing frequently is one of the best ways to maintain a lush, green lawn. Mowing stimulates grass plants to grow outwards into ever denser mats since the plants are unable to grow upwards. This matting discourages weed growth and helps to fill in spotty lawn patches.

Achieve the best mowing results by using a high quality mower such as the Husqvarna HU800AWD walk-behind mower. Mow the lawn in a crossways pattern and always bag the grass clippings. Bagging the grass clippings prevents those clippings from clogging the lawn and also offers a more tidy end result.

Step away from chemical-enriched fertilizers and turn instead to natural lawn care practices. By mowing regularly, composting often and incorporating other environmentally friendly practices, you will begin seeing impressive lawn results in no time at all.


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