5 Tips for Establishing Your Company as an Eco-friendly Business

5 Tips for Establishing Your Company as an Eco-friendly Business

These days, customers have greater purchasing power and make judgments about companies based on their environmental practices. A customer may decide to forego purchasing products from a company that makes a practice of polluting the environment. Conversely, customers are attracted to those companies that appear to be eco-friendly and that care about building a better environment. Here are some of the ways that your company can portray itself as an eco-friendly business to customers everywhere.

1. Host an eco-friendly contest on Twitter

You can encourage your customers to develop a “greener” consciousness by creating an eco-friendly contest on Twitter. Perhaps you ask your customers to post a hash tag about the environmentally friendly ways in which your company’s products benefit the environment. Then you can provide a green gift to the customers with the most creative hash tags posted on Twitter.

2. Create eco-friendly blog posts on your company’s blog

Every company should have a blog that can be used to connect with customers. An eco-friendly blog is an excellent way for your company to reach out to customers and disseminate helpful information to them. Customers will love being able to learn about ways in which they can avoid contributing to pollution and other behaviors that harm the environment.

3. Use eco-friendly promotional products

Giving out eco-friendly promotional products is a great way for your business to reach out to customers. Your company can provide reusable promo bags to customers to promote using fewer plastic bags in stores throughout the country. Customers will appreciate your gesture of good will and will use these reusable promo bags for all their shopping needs. And each time they use your branded cooler bags, they will remember your company or campaign message.

4. Create a “go green” marketing campaign

Ensure that your company’s next marketing campaign features an eco-friendly message – whether aired on television or displayed online. You could also create a new logo that reflects the dedication of your company to green initiatives.

5. Give back to charity

Ultimately, your company will stand out when it gives back to environmental charities. Your company will show how much it is committed to making the world a better place through this type of giving.

These are just a few ideas that will help you take your business into the next frontier. Customers now have certain expectations for businesses, so it is important for your business to appreciate these perceptions and honor them.

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