A List of the Most Popular Shapes for Dining Tables You Should Know

A List of the Most Popular Shapes for Dining Tables You Should Know

The dining table is an incredible piece of furniture. Not only is it important for practical purposes (you will have many meals there), it will also become the centrepiece of the dining area (hence, the first thing that will strike the eye). Perhaps more important of all, it will eventually become entrenched in your family’s heart – it is there, after all, where many stories will be told and many valuable memories will be made.

Never underestimate the power of a great dining table. However, how do you choose the right one for your needs? How do you decide, especially when there are so many choices on the market, and you may be restricted by a certain budget? Luckily, experts give some advice. Here is a list of the most popular shapes for dining tables you should know about.

The rectangle

This kind of shape is perhaps the most common; it’s often the best shape that fits the dining area, after all. It has other advantages too, of course: it can usually fit more than 4 people, and there are ways to extend it with an extra leaf in case you have additional guests. The best size for a rectangular table is at least 36 inches across – this ensures that you can have place settings at a comfortable distance from each other.

The square

It’s the best option if you have a square dining room. They don’t go well if you have a large group of people over for dinner, however. They tend to be more cosy and intimate, however, and perfect for a small family.

The oval

Similar to the rectangular table in most all attributes, it serves the same purpose. However, visually it looks more appealing in that it creates the impression of more space.

The round

Perfect not only for small rooms, but also for small gatherings. The shape is special; it allows you to see all your guests face to face – and this is incredibly useful for entertaining. However, it’s not that great when you have large crowds, as you might have to shout over each other at times.

It should be remembered that those with square or rectangular shapes tend to be much better space savers, whilst those with curved lines (oval and round) are more suitable for larger areas – although they do lend the dining area a certain kind of style. When making your choice, be practical above all, and figure out which colour and material would fit best given the existing surroundings. Choose quality, such as a practical, sturdy, yet beautiful and unique industrial dining table – you want to make an investment and ensure there are years and years (if not decades) of future enjoyment to come.



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