Designing Your Own Prints For Your Home

Designing Your Own Prints For Your Home

Are you tired of staring at your blank, boring walls? Do you want to redecorate your living room or bedroom in a fun, creative sort of way, yet don’t want to spend a fortune? If you’ve got the time and the skills, then it’s time to put your imagination to the test.

Out With the Old, In with the New

Simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls can be boring. However, buying pictures, posters, and different pieces or types of decorations can be expensive. So, do you let your walls stay bare? Or do you take matters into your own hands, and decorate with new, unique methods?

Create the Art All by Yourself

Instead of buying some meaningless piece of art for your walls, create the art yourself. Depending on how creative you are and where your strengths lie, your options are never ending.

For example, there are so many different tools and materials at your exposure. Essentially, any product or type of material can be used to create a picture or decoration for your home, such as: paint, markers, different cloths or fabrics. Start using your imagination.

Simply hanging a scarf on your wall could be considered art. You could even buy a cheap frame and place fabric or wallpaper inside of it. Or perhaps try using an old windowpane as a picture frame for family and friendly portraits.

Other avenues to explore for decorations could consist of spray painting poster board, using different colors of sequins to cover your walls, making a display with shoe boxes, or use wine corks to make different patterns or pieces of art.

Also, try spray-painting different letters from the alphabet. You could even play around with papier-mâché or create pieces with string or yarn.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, then you might try creating a particular design and then outsourcing the printing. Not only will this method ensure that you’ve got a piece of art that means something to you (it’s personally designed by either you, a friend, or family member), but it’s also cheaper than buying a piece of art from the store.

What’s even better about this method is the fact that you can have your design printed on any type of material. For instances, you could have pictures on wood, designs printed on metal, or even choose a colorful piece of fabric. The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve got a tight budget to work with, yet you’re tired of being bored by your own home décor, then it’s time to start getting creative. Try visiting old flea markets or thrift stores for different materials that could be of use i.e. poster boards, picture frames, pieces of clothe, etc. You don’t have to be an art genius to come up with something cool or unique for your home, you just have to be inventive. You may even have old materials or products lying around the house that would make for good project pieces. After all, if you put time and effort into a home decoration, then you’ll end up appreciating it more.

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