How to Restore an Old Furnished Wooden Table for Your Green Home

How to Restore an Old Furnished Wooden Table for Your Green Home

If you’re going all out for a green home in 2017, it’s not just energy-saving implementations you’ll want to consider. Being green is all about trying to save money and the environment around you, and sometimes that involves restoring old wooden furniture. Instead of paying hundreds on a new wooden table, consider restoring an old one by following the below easy steps.

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Take Advantage of Chemical Stripper to Remove Old Varnish

Depending on the type of wood and the coating used to finish the table will change the steps you take to restore. For example, if you’re restoring an old wooden table that was previously varnished, you’ll want to invest in a chemical stripper to remove it. Use a paintbrush or something similar to apply the stripper and wait for up to 30 minutes for the stripper to work its magic. Use a scraper or a wire brush and lightly scrub away the excess varnish. If the table was painted or just finished with wood protection, sand it smoothly using an orbital sander with a good dust collector.

Clean Off the Chemical Stripper

It’s crucial that you get rid of the chemical stripper afterward, otherwise, it’s going to continue to eat into the wood. You can do this by using another steel wool brush soaked in white spirit. Once you’re confident the chemical stripper is gone, you can use a dry cloth to clean and dry the table ready for the next step. It’s recommended you leave the table for at least 24 hours so it’s completely dry.

Lightly Sand the Table Top

When it comes to the top of the table it’s important you get the nicest finish, otherwise, it’s just going to look rough. It’s best not to use an electric sander in this case and instead, opt for a fine sanding block to smooth the surface as much as possible. Use a cloth to wipe the surface clean of any excess dust once you’re finished.

Choose Your Finish

The finish is going to make a world of difference and will ultimately make your old table look new again, so consider a finish that looks clean and modern. Use a nice wood dye and work in a good light while you’re applying with a new paintbrush – it’ll give the wood a nice, finished color ready for the next step.

Improve the Finish

Depending on how long you work on the table will depend on how well it’s finished. It’s important you give the table some shine with a good wooden oil finish to bring out the best in the natural wood. A lint free cloth is the way forward here; let the oil soak in and penetrate the wood. Come back to the table a few hours later and give it another going over with a fine steel wool brush and then give it another coat to improve the finish once more. The more times you do this, the better the finish.

Once the above steps are complete, the last thing to do is to apply a fine wax to give the wood a fresh and modern look – this can be done by using yet another lint free cloth. The above steps can be used to restore most wooden furniture, so consider sprucing up an old table before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new one that might look the same.

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