List of Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Energy and their Answers

List of Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Energy and their Answers

Do you have some questions about solar energy that you always wanted to ask, but never had the chance? We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope can help shed some light on the subject of solar energy for you. This is the second half of our two part series so be sure you check out the first portion to find the answers to more of your solar energy questions.

How will I have electricity at night if the solar energy system requires direct sunlight in order to produce it?

Your home will still be connected to the main power grid and you will have electricity any time you need it, just as you did before. Except during the daylight and direct sunlight hours, your solar energy system will be producing that electricity instead of you pulling it from the main grid. This is how the solar energy systems work to reduce your electric bills. As the system produces solar energy, it filters it into your home for use, reducing your dependency on the main grid and high electric bills.

Do solar energy systems work in all kinds of weather – like rain, snow or on cloudy days?

Yes, solar energy systems still work during inclimate weather. However, their production is greatly reduced during those times, with most systems generating less than 40% of their capacity. If snow or hail accumulate on the panels, the system will not generate energy at all until  the blockage has cleared – just like with leaves and other debris. This is usually the only kind of maintenance that is require of them.

How do I know if my roof can support the weight of solar panels?

Generally speaking, solar panels weigh less than 25lbs each so they are easily supported by most types of roofing.

Do I need to clean the solar panels? How do I do that?

Usually solar panels are kept clean enough by regular rainfall. If you live in a dry area that’s prone to lots of dust, you should hose them down ever so often. You don’t need to scrub them or use any kind of chemicals. Pure water will suffice.

Do I have to pay cash for a solar energy system or is there some sort of financing available?

Most solar energy installers will offer a financing plan to meet your budget. Shop around by looking at companies like Precision Roofing and inquire about pricing and financing options from various installers to ensure you get the best deal.

What other types of incentives or rebates will I be entitled to once my solar energy system has been installed?

Rebates and incentives will vary depending on  your current electric provider. You may also be eligible for tax breaks and an increase in your home’s value via your local tax assessor’s office as well. Some of the equipment that is installed may have factory rebates attached to them so be sure that you inquire about those with your installer of choice to ensure you get the most savings.

We hope we have helped to answer some of your solar energy questions with this list. Be sure to read the first part of this two part series where we answered more frequently asked questions about solar energy.

Jane is a solar energy consultant and he is passionate about renewable energies. He is working with AGL Solar Energy company in Australia for 4 years and provide consultation for Solar system installations for residential use. AGL has been a trusted energy company for 175 years. Visit AGL’s Solar FAQs list for more information on solar energy.

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