Locked and labeled

Locked and labeled

Keeping everything in place with a little bit of tape

Work, home, husband, kids, co-workers – chances are, people aren’t always going to put things back where they belong. So find an easy way to keep track of everything by slapping a label on it, or at least on the place where it belongs.

If you already do, or are planning to do some heavy duty labeling, invest in a label printer.

Choosing a label printer

Before you buy your printer, figure out what you’ll use most. Once you know what you need, you can compare dymo label makers and decide what will suit you best. If you need long term labels, plastic printed labels will be durable, and easy to wipe down if they get wet or dusty – like your mountain biking helmet. For envelopes that will be sent within the week, opened, and tossed in the bin, paper will suffice. If you alternate label sizes, consider a duo model that can take more than one kind of label or label tape.

At home

Decide what you want to label. If it’s the shelves in the linen closet to make sure your family doesn’t go rummaging through guest linen looking for a picnic blanket, or tools in the workshop, so the garden boy doesn’t use your favorite hacksaw on the oak tree you asked him to trim.

If your kids constantly losing things at school consider stationary labels to keep their pencil case together, iron on labels for clothes, and plastic printed labels for shoes and lunchboxes. Even basic book labels will save you writing “James Smith, Grade 1” 20 times on all his books. Most boarding schools require everything – yes everything, from socks and undies to books and pencils – to be labeled.

At work

 Labels are a lifesaver for people in admin, especially if you send out a ton of mail or shipping. You can print address labels and shipping waybills instead of hand writing them; it will save a lot of time and hand cramps. And of course, files and folders; when you’re looking at a cupboard with a dozen files in it, labeling the spines will help. Inside the file – visible tabs mean you can flip straight to the section you need.

IT guys love (and often need) their labels. 10 foot server cabinets with 300 plus cables definitely need to be labeled. When your boss phones and asks you to check if the red light on R34-17 is flashing, it’s much easier to locate with a label.

It also helps if your clients or co-workers try the “unplug everything and flip all the switches a few times” approach before calling tech-support.  Even labeling the AV stuff in the board room will cut down on your work load – your coworkers won’t need help figuring out what’s been unplugged.

Whether you’re keeping your office tidy and productive, and saving a few headaches, or making sure your daughter doesn’t come home in the wrong shoes after gym class, label it all. Figure out what you’ll be labeling, what labels you’ll need, and start sticking.

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