Mad at the Mice? 5 Ways to Deal with the Cumbersome Critters at Home

Mad at the Mice? 5 Ways to Deal with the Cumbersome Critters at Home

Wild mice are as cute as domesticated mice, which are available in pet stores. However, these cute little rodents make dangerous house guests. It’s crucial to get rid of mice that invade your home, because they spread disease and cause damage. Additionally, mice have been the cause of electrical wiring fires, thanks to their habit of chewing on almost anything.

Furthermore, mice can spread a disease called Hantavirus that is similar to influenza. It comes on quickly, is life threatening, and it requires hospital care. Therefore, whenever mouse droppings are spotted or the flash of a dark spot catches your eye as it speeds by, it’s time for action. Moreover, taking preventative measures should stop their return. Here are steps that you can take to say goodbye to the rascals:

1) Plug Up All Those Tiny Holes

Look around your home for entryways that mice use to access your home. Even dime-sized holes need plugging, and this will save heat, too. Expanding spray foam works well for this purpose and is available at stores that sell home repair items.

2) Store All Food In Mice-Proof Containers

Securely store all foodstuffs in containers with tight-fitting lids and make sure that mice cannot chew through them. Glass, metal, ceramic and hard plastics make the best storage containers for grains, cereals and flour. Additionally, don’t forget to secure any dog, cat or bird food since mice consider it an invitation to come inside.

3) Keep A Pet Cat Or Call For Professional Help

Consider keeping a cat as an indoor pet. Felines are natural predators to mice, and the presence of a cat and its scent will deter mice. If this isn’t an option, calling Tulsa exterminators is a surefire way to rid yourself of problem mice.

4) Clean Indoors And Remove Temptation

Keeping clutter at bay lessens the hospitable environment that mice seek. Never leave dirty dishes out overnight and clean under and behind furniture regularly. Remember to empty trash cans often.

5) Clean Up Your Outside Environment

Check your yard, garage and anywhere else near your home for places that would make a warm dry rodent bed. Survival instincts send mice seeking safe comfortable shelter with a food and water source nearby. By removing as many of these aspects as possible, you send the mice packing.

However, mice infestations of more than one season are harder to eradicate. Professionals are advisable in these situations. Thankfully, exterminators have the skills and practical experience to solve any problem with mice and prevent their return. 

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