Making Your Home More Attractive without Breaking the Bank

Making Your Home More Attractive without Breaking the Bank

Nobody likes being in the dark; a gloomy room leads to a gloomy person. We are not nocturnal creatures we are creatures of the daytime and when nature doesn’t provide us with light we have to look to artificial means to help us. So here we look at how the use of lighting can add appeal to your home.

Traditionally a rooms light would come from one main source in the centre of the ceiling with the addition of one or two side or standard lamps. Times have changed and we can now fit our light sources into floors, walls and across the ceiling to not only provide light but add effect to our room design.


1. From the bottom up

Floorlighting has been a design of commercial lighting for many years and is now staking its claim in the design catalogues of home designers. This takes place in the form of “uplighters” which are small circular spotlight style creations that are fitted into the floor of the living area. They are also popular to light outside areas such as decking and patios and also to illuminate walkways. If you chose to use floor lighting for a living area don’t forget to add a source of traditional light as well from either the ceiling or walls for those occasions when you need very bright light to carry out a task.

2. Overhead options

Another form of specialist commercial lighting that is now being used regularly in home design is that of track lighting. So called because the lights are fitted on tracks and can be positioned at different angles to illuminate the room in the best possible way or to place a spotlight on a particular feature. The lights themselves look like mini spotlights and can be twisted and turned to please the designer. A concept very similar to the stage lights used in theatres they are also a very attractive feature to add to a room.

3. Bulkhead

A more traditional form of specialist commercial lighting is what is called a bulkhead. This is a circular dome shaped light that is placed on the ceiling. Commonly seen in a bathroom these single units are easy to fit and replace. If you are using a bulkhead as your central light then it pays to have additional lighting on the walls to add a more subtle effect during the evenings or on bright days.

Table and floor lamps are a perennial favourite with room designers and homeowners. They can be colour coordinated to fit the design of the room and can be placed in positions where light will be needed such as for reading or working. They also help add a certain ambience to a room; there is nothing more cosy on a winters eve than a room lit only by a few lamps; they add warmth to the atmosphere as well as serving a purpose. Modern lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes; although the traditional form can still be found. Make sure your lamp fits the design of the room you wish to place it in.


This look at home lighting was written by Monica a regular contributor to online home design publications who uses specialist commercial lighting to add light to her home.

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