Marble Floor: Is This the Right Choice for Your House?

Marble Floor: Is This the Right Choice for Your House?

Marble floors are probably the most attractive and beautiful surfaces we can walk on. Marble comes in a multitude of colors and natural designs, but it is very sensitive to chemical substances. This kind of stone is related to limestone, and it can be obtained through the recrystallization of the original carbonate mineral grains.

Marble floors are built to last, but they are still vulnerable to dirt, dust, and chemical substances. Marble stone has an impressive look, as long as it is properly maintained and cleaned. In order to keep that beautiful and shining aspect, marble floors must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

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Marble flooring exemplifies class

Where you want to put it

First of all, think about the area of your house where you want to place the marble tiles. Places like the kitchen or the entrance hall of the house are the most circulated areas. Make sure you will be able to properly clean the area on a regular basis.


Marble floors are quite expensive, especially if you want a unique design to amplify the beauty of your house. You can enjoy the elegance of those unique designs only if you have both the time and the money to take care of them. Before buying marble as a flooring solution for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other area, try to figure out if you can afford the overall maintenance costs in the long run.

Easily damaged by acids

The reason why marble floors can be damaged so easily by chemicals is their porous and sensitive composition. No other flooring material can compare with marble, as long as you maintain its original shine. Marble floors can be damaged even by common substances such as vinegar.

The maintenance of this kind of floor can be tricky, but not impossible. Acidic liquids are the worst enemies of marble floors. It is essential to clean any kind of acidic liquid stain as quickly as possible. The faster you act, the higher chances you have to keep your marble floor undamaged. Quickly wipe off any stains immediately after you spill something on the floor. In order to clean the marble surface, you need a very soft cloth or mop and a neutral-pH solution.

All the materials you need to clean your marble floor are available at specialized shops. If you ever have to deal with more difficult stains, it is best to use specific cleaning products. Before applying those products on your floor, make sure that they are relevant to the kind of stain you want to wipe. Applying the wrong cleaner can cause even more damage, though, so be careful.

Water is bad for marble in the long run

Marble flooring is also vulnerable to water. Many people place marble on the floor of their bathrooms, but they do not wipe off water because they think it is not necessary. After a long period of time, though, water stains can produce irreversible damage, and if you don’t take precautionary measures you will be forced to replace the marble.

Marble floors can enhance the beauty of just about any room. As long as you properly care for your marble floor, you will be making a wonderful choice.


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