Modern Lighting for Your Home

Modern Lighting for Your Home

While elaborate and detailed interiors have a distinctive charm that not even time can take away, some people still prefer the elegant simplicity and almost-bareness of modern-style interiors. This perhaps is owed to the soothing effect of clean and crisp elements on the eyes.

Definition of modern

The term “modern” itself may give one the impression that this concept is characterized by up-to-date themes and styles, but contrary to such, it actually refers to a concept that was born sometime in 1920 to 1950 and is known for its highly minimalist style and typically neutral or basic and bold color schemes. It is based on function and takes advantage of recent technology in construction and architecture.

At first look

A modern house on the outside will look more functional than stylish, and will appear with clean lines. It will be comprised of not more than two colors which is usually in a neutral plus bold accent combination.

Modern outdoor lights

If you are meticulous with your home’s design, even outdoor lighting should count. There are many styles and designs of modern outdoor lighting that you can choose from — suspension lights that will give your patio that extra oomph, and simple wall sconces that give it that charmingly bright glow at night. Always remember that since modern design is function driven, every element should support the respective functions of the different parts of the house.

Indoor modern lights

Translucent and generous lighting is typically observed in modern style homes. There are now a handful of designs for modern lighting that would fit every taste and budget. Pendant lights, wall sconces, floor and table lights, as well as chandeliers all have modern designs that will surely look great in your home. Plain yet sophisticated designs usually work well in achieving that sleek, clean, and minimalist look which is the trademark of modern interior design. Look for stainless steel panels or frosted glass bulb enclosures that will complement your modern-style interior.

Other considerations to lighting

As lighting plays a crucial role in the productivity of its household members, task lights should be installed in every key area of the house. For instance, the study, kitchen, and living room should have lighting that will sufficiently support the activities typically done in these areas. Cabinet lights in the kitchen are helpful for precision tasks like chopping, mincing, and other tasks related to food preparation. Dim-lighted kitchens can be counter-productive and may even leave room for accidents.

Choosing lighting types for different areas of home should be an informed decision and should therefore not be hastily decided upon. If you are on the track of figuring out your home’s lighting, the following are some questions that you should ask yourself before finally choosing lighting supplies:

1. What size suits the area best?

Just because chandeliers have this stereotypically massive and imposing presence in a room doesn’t mean they have to look disproportionately huge especially in average-size homes. Choosing one that is too small or too big will turn out to be counter-productive because they either turn out to be too dim or too glaring.

2. Is it energy efficient?

Energy-efficient lighting types will save you more money than you think. Aside from that, using them in lieu of their outdated counterparts will also reduce your household’s carbon footprints.

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