Self Storage 101: Your Complete Guide to Choosing Self Storage Services in the UK

Self Storage 101: Your Complete Guide to Choosing Self Storage Services in the UK

Self storage facilities are increasing around the UK simply because the service is more in demand than ever. More people and businesses are making use of self storage due to its convenience and practicality. Homeowners are the most common customers of self storage facilities, but students, small business entrepreneurs, tradespeople, and even athletes are seeing various uses for self storage facilities as well. So if you are thinking of making use of a self storage service, here are the top facts you need to know.

The size, access, and security

For those who have not rented a self storage facility yet, one big concern is the size. The good news is that the size of self storage facilities can vary, and you should be able to choose the right size for your needs. Don’t settle for a facility which can only give you a certain size, as you may end up paying more for space that you don’t require. But most storage units measure approximately 80 sq.ft. on the average.

If you are concerned about access, don’t be. More often than not, you will be the only one holding the key to your unit. If you aren’t sure of this, ask the self storage service. You can make use of a padlock for the unit, and some facilities will sell padlocks – and other kinds of packing materials you may require.

Security is often an issue for those who opt for a self storage service, so make sure the facility you choose is secure. Look for a facility with CCTV systems and alarms, and if you can find a facility with a 24-hour security patrol (such as the storage Gloucester service from Advanced Removals & Storage), then all the better.

Other tips on choosing a self storage service

There are many associations which regulate the standards for self storage facilities – so if you are looking for one, it would be a great help if the facility is a member of a particular organisation or association.

Don’t just go for the first self storage facility you see – make sure the facility is in good shape and well-maintained as well, and that it can offer you good security for your precious items. If you have items that are delicate or need to be stored at a certain temperature, look for a self storage facility which is temperature-controlled. Also, when looking for a self storage facility, you can augment your search by checking out reviews about the facility online. Once you have read the reviews, make sure to visit the facility in person so you can get a better feel for the site as well as speak directly with the staff.



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