Maintaining a Healthy Home

Maintaining a Healthy Home

Your home is your refuge, your oasis, your little slice of heaven on earth. It’s where you should be able to relax, recharge, and feel safe. However, while you might feel like you are shielded from the potential issues outside like pollution, dangerous sun rays, and smog, there could be things in your home which make it the less healthy option.


It’s nothing we can’t help though- there are many healthy and eco-conscious ways of making your home a healthier place to live.


Air Purification

There are many pollutants in the air, especially in more urban areas which can be negatively affecting the health of our families. There are solutions out there from air purifiers, filters, or even buying naturally air filtering houseplants. One thing that many homeowners neglect is duct cleaning. Duct cleaning in Montreal needs to be done regularly to keep debris from circulating around your home.

Check Your Windows

Windows are great assets for homes, as they give natural light; meaning that your electricity bill is that much smaller. However, sunlight brings with it its own range of issues. UV rays can harm our skin, not to mention cause discolouration to floors, fabrics, and walls. Having windows which block these harmful rays means that we don’t have to worry about bathing in the natural light inside our homes.

Diffuse Essential Oils

There are many health benefits to diffusing essential oils, much of it depending on the type and quality of your oils. One thing is for certain though — it’s healthier and more ecofriendly than using aerosol sprays or plug-ins to freshen the air. Set a few up diffusers in your home to create a more inviting and zen environment, not to mention one that smells incredible. Research the benefits of diffusing specific oils and tailor your choices to your needs.

Use Natural Products

Replacing your harsh chemical cleaners with natural alternatives won’t just make you feel better about your environmental impact. It will also make your home a healthier place to spend time in. Many ingredients of chemical cleaners have negative effects on the human body, not to mention the hazard that they pose to young children who can potentially be poisoned. Invest in natural alternatives or take the time to research some DIY options that don’t take long to prepare and are often affordable.


You can’t directly control the air quality or pollution outside your window. However, you can make a big change to how healthy the environment is within your home. It doesn’t take a huge investment to get your home a more welcoming place for your body. Small changes and habits can make a big difference on maintaining a healthy home.



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