Tips and tricks for a more eco-friendly home

Tips and tricks for a more eco-friendly home

Going green can be a little overwhelming and seem like a lot of hard work. But if you break it down a little, converting your home into an environmentally friendly one isn’t as tough as you think. All it takes is a few minor changes to make a really big difference. Start off by reading our tips and tricks below for a more eco-friendly home.


1.Energy efficient light bulbs have been around for a long time but it has taken people a long time to come round to the idea of them. It makes a lot of sense to make the switch from normal light bulbs to these because not only do energy efficient bulbs use less electricity they last a lot longer too, meaning you don’t have to spend much money on replacing them.

2.Install a smart meter. Your heating is one of the biggest ways that you use energy, especially during the winter months when you leave the heating on for longer. This leads to both wasted energy and money. The best way to combat this is by installing a smart meter. They can be programmed so that they only turn on at certain times of the days. Having one of these is a must for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

3.Using harmful chemicals to clean your home is very bad for the environment. When washing them away you are putting them into the water supply. This means that the water is going to take longer when purifying before it is safe to use again. For day to day cleaning tasks use natural products such as vinegar, citric acid from citrus fruits and bicarbonate of soda, all of which will have a great effect.

4.Don’t waste leftover food, turn it into compost. You will be surprised at how much food you waste and throw away that can instead be recycled and then turned into compost. All you need to do is put a compost bin in your garden and fill it with food waste.

5.Don’t buy cheap furniture, buy items that are going to provide great value for years.

It isn’t worth buying cheap stuff because it won’t last, it will fall apart and cost you more money to replace or repair. Furniture such as your sofa, coffee table and bed are all things you want to be spending decent amounts of money on so that you can have them for many years to come. Divan Beds Centre have a whole range of top quality beds and mattresses for you to choose from to ensure you have a bed that is built to last.


By following these simple steps you will already begin to see the difference you are making in your own home. Green living leads to green savings and your house will become a more efficient, healthy and happy place to be in. As you save on energy and money you can move on to bigger changes and bigger challenges. You may be surprised to learn that you can continue to save the greener you go.

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